What can I do to make my flooring last longer?

What can I do to make my flooring last longer?

Maintaining your new floors is easier than you think it may be. Depending on the material and style of flooring, there are different ways to maintain your flooring so that it lasts longer.

When shopping for your flooring, asking questions on how to help extend your floor's lifespan is essential.

Maintaining different floor types

Each flooring type has specific cleaning routines, from hardwood to vinyl, carpet, and tiles. One main point is to keep chemicals such as furniture polish off all floor types.

For tiles, hardwood, vinyl, and other materials that aren't carpet, everyday sweeping and mopping for your new floors can keep your floors clean. If you have a carpet, using a vacuum daily can help keep dirt from building up, and clean it with a wet vacuum monthly.

From area rugs to floor cleaners

Using area rugs, even on top of carpets, can help prevent wear in high-traffic areas. Be sure to remove your area rugs, clean them and clean under them as well.

Some different kinds of flooring can have wax applied over them as a protectant and sealant. However, you can remove residue with a no-wax wood floor cleaner from our flooring company.

As stated before, some flooring types may need wax. Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation, using the appropriate waxes and restorers for your specific flooring type can also help lengthen your floor’s lifespan.

Where to go for long-lasting floors

No matter what kind of flooring you're interested in, we can help answer questions about maintenance and longevity. At Peterson's Floors, we have an extensive catalog of flooring for you to choose from, and we can also provide tips and tricks on floor maintenance.

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