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Hardwood flooring offers extensive benefits that are sure to serve your home well. You'll find it provides elegant visuals and impressive durability. And you'll enjoy a lifespan that can surpass more than 100 years.

These are only a few of the many benefits available to you in this product line. And the good news is that the benefits all work together at the same time. So, if you're still not sure about these materials, take the time to find out more about what they could do for you.

Intense visual appeal

Wood floors offer extensive and elegant appearance options for every room. But you might not know that they are customizable for the perfect decor match. Here are a few options you can mix and match for the best results.

  • Species type
  • Board grade
  • Width and length
  • Stain color
  • Finish type
  • Installation layout

As these come together, you'll see unique designs come to be. Don't forget to ask about trending hardwood flooring options. And be sure to browse all the samples from the options you enjoy most.

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Durability is also popular

Engineered wood flooring is an excellent choice in areas where durability is a must. They offer a shorter lifespan, serving you for up to 30 years. But they work well in spaces of dampness, humidity, and temperature changes. Species choice is significant for your floor's durability too. Some are harder than others and offer more protection. So, the busier an area, the harder the species should be to withstand it.

Important installation information

It takes longer to install hardwood flooring because great precision is necessary. However, it ensures the best outcome for this worthy investment. No matter what wood floors you choose, acclimation is the first step in the installation. Once acclimated, the installation starts based on your needs and preferences. Your team will be able to tell you what to expect and how long the service will take. It all depends on your home structure and requirements.
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